Koi For Sale - Finding a Reputable Farm
When it comes to finding the best butterfly koi for sale, you really have to do your homework. Koi are a prized possession for many enthusiasts and as such they tend to get snapped up fast when they are advertised in trade magazines or at fish shows. This is great news for people looking to buy fish but unfortunately it also means that there are many fake goldfish being sold as the real thing. In this article we take a look at some of the things you should be aware of before making a purchase.

The first thing you need to do is to ensure that the koi farm where the fish is being raised is reputable. Many times people end up with big surprises by paying much more than they were led to believe and buying koi from low quality koi farms is no different. To avoid this, always research any koi farms near you and make sure they are providing a good environment for your new pet. If you are told the environment is fine to ask to see the fish in a tank that simulates their natural habitat so you can be sure they are growing in the best possible manner.

When you are looking for lionhead goldfish for sale always ask whether the fish has had a full filtration, heat lamp, UV lamp, and any other treatment as this will indicate the quality of life it is receiving. You also want to find out if the koi is having any type of feed as this will indicate how healthy it is. Many people don't realise that the best koi fish are silver or gold in colour and by checking to see if the koi has been treated with special chemicals to encourage gold colouring you will be able to tell the difference between goldfish and butterfly koi.

One of the best koi farms in Japan is located in Aogashima, Japan and is run by Tancho Aoyagi. Koi for sale from Tancho means that this farm receives the best koi for sale available and no artificial treatment has been used on the koi. This is the highest quality koi available in Japan and has been known to produce offspring that are full of vitality and very bright. The goldfish are also big and this is another trait that is specific to this farm.

Ogasawara is located in Hyogo prefecture, Japan and is run by Hiroyuki Ueno. Again, a very strict process is followed at Ogasawara and only premium koi are allowed to make it to this level. Only owners with years of experience are allowed to join and it takes a special permit to enter the reserve. After years of being one of the top contenders for the award of "king of the pond", Hiroyuki has finally been named as the recipient of this prestigious title.

This is where you will find Tancho's Ogasawara, where you will be able to view not only the koi for sale but also information regarding the reserve and what is actually being offered at this premier location. This is a great starting point for those looking to purchase koi from a reputable source and to see the real live fish in person. It is recommended to click on each picture to see a bigger picture of the koi and to read about the rules at the reserve. The rules are very strict indeed, and anyone who is caught breaking one could be barred from ever owning a pet Ogasawara again. If you are interested in purchasing a premium Ogasawara, I would recommend that you do so online.  You can learn more about this topic here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koi_(disambiguation).
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